Thursday, December 28, 2006

This week's projects

Well I got out the camera and took some pictures.
Jim's scarf is coming along slowly. The gauge is (I had to go measure) 5-1/2 st/inch. Not so bad. I think the kid mohair I am stranding with the wool helps a little bit. Right now I am stranding with a peach super kid mohair from my 1980's stash, it is called Neveda.
(I remember getting it from Depth of Field. The reason I had so many colors is I got it on closeout really cheap and I bought all they had left. Evidently no one wanted to knit with it back then. Have you done anything with the balls I gave you? It is so perfect for lace, and lace is so hot now. )
When I finish the first ball of Lana Grossa 'Merino 2000 Print Superfein' I will start stranding with the violet Rowan 'kidsilk spray'. Now that cost me $15.00 for the one ball! Then I will finish off with the peach strand again as I had two skeins of it. I might put in some stripes too as I think just a straight change of color might be too abrupt.

I have put aside the silk sweater for the time being. I have got it this far and the cables do NOT look like the pattern. Anyway I am working on Jim's scarf since I conned him into buying me yarn. Makes me feel a little guilty. Note to self: buy your own yarn dummy!

Also when I went home after we visited the outlet store for Needlework Unlimited I dug in my yarn stash and found some more brightly colored Zoom by Dale.
Remember how Karen said it would be good for felting? Well there is a huge tote at the NU store that is felted. I NEED to make that tote. So I got the pattern and then went back and (with my Zoom) found some wool that will blend it all together (I hope). It is labeled Kureyon but is pronounced Crayon. I think that is a great name for it cause it is colored like a box of crayons. By Noro. I have always liked his yarns. So that is my next project and will be my first felting. Felting was just starting to be popular when I quit knitting and it has always pulled at me.

Gosh isn't that gorgeous????
By the way I traded in my sock yarn for the Kureyon so I guess I won't be knitting socks yet.
PS I am dreaming about doing a scarf (in my superkid mohair) from the Victorian Lace today book. YUMMY! I have 13 skeins of it left. Four Misty pale green and four teal green and five ice blue......13 x $15.00 is HOW MUCH????? $195.00 I wish I knew how to make that blink.
I think I remember paying $2.00 for each skein way back when. Is this obsession with the cost of yarn a sign of my advanced age? No, I have decided it is a sign of expensive yarn!!!

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