Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's Not Knitting

Yeah, I know this is a knitting blog but hey! Until a month ago I had to be a quilter to get my creative fix. Now that I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both hands I am trying to get back into the knitting flow, but I have some unfinished quilting stuff to work on.
Tuesday I took my blocks from a class last March (at the Sampler Quilt shop in Chanhassan MN) and stitched them together on a wonderful batik starry background. Then I quilted it myself with ribbons flowing around the blocks. It looked sort of Star Trekkie so I named it "resistance is futile".

It is really supposed to be a sample for the class Maxine Rosenthal will be teaching up at Faye's Henhouse Quilts in Mayville, North Dakota in April 2007. She will be doing her Kaleidoscope Watercolor class there too. A picture of both quilts is attached.
The black and white one is all crane fabric and next September I will be donating it to Operation Migration as a raffle quilt at the Necedah Crane Festival. I miss it already.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Nancy I really don't need to get into the knitting thing but your blog is fun and interesting and I love the picture of you and Mary! I think the blog might work for the quilt club--it's worth a try. And it might get the other six on-line and that would be helpful at times.
Glad your birthday was good--Happy belated Birthday and a very good year!
Lori Satrom