Saturday, December 9, 2006

Mary writes...
I LOVE it cabled. Hilarious! I just emailed you a picture of the glove/mittens I'm making Christy. I think we should just get a blog on Blogger and keep a running journal. I love that yarn. What is it again? Is it a silk. Very Sheen- y...lustrous. Ok, I HAVE to go to bed now. l, m

Nancy replies...
I just went and dug the yarn out of my bag and the label says it is Tamara by E'lite Speacialty Yarns, Inc. It is 34 % Cultivated silk, 33% Kid Mohair and 33% Merino wool. It is very soft and just slightly fuzzy. I do seem to be attracted to fuzzy yarn. I am sure it will pill like crazy over time as the spin is very light but yum it is nice to touch.
I can't remember when or where I got it. But that is the mystery of the yarn boxes.
I pulled out one box and it had handspun in it. I found a receipt from the Twin Cities Carding Mill and signed by Donna and James Wells. It was dated October 24, 1987. I remember having them on one of the yarn tours for MN Knitting camp. The receipt says I paid 72 dollars ($3.00/oz.) for 24 oz of mostly natural brown handspun. It is knitted up into a vest that never got finished. I really like the yarn although I have no idea what I want to do with it now.
Look at the funny cap with ear flaps and a tie underneath and the gigantic tassel on the top. Man I wasted alot of yarn on that. Alice likes it even better than the sweater.

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