Sunday, December 10, 2006

double knitting

Hmmm. Mittens....I wasn't thinking of it, but I do remember doing double knit mittens on two needles. It was sort of fun. I actually taught it at Ram Wools a lifetime ago. I wonder if I remember???I was looking in my vintage books and found two pattern books of socks. So I am going to check them out for pattern ideas. Also I went to Schoolhouse Press which is Meg Swanson's business (do I need to say she is the daughter of Elizabeth Zimmerman?). I bought some sport weight wool which is supposed to be good for socks. OHOH. Just what I need, more yarn. I also bought another sock book too.I told Jim he could give it to me for my Christmas present. He doesn't have many of those and he has to do my birthday too so he is in trouble.I better bring my double knitting book to Minneapolis. The pile is getting larger.



OK Knitting Camp in 2008. That is a good goal. Maybe you should talk to "your" store about hosting a camp. I did find my written instructions for the double knit mittens. But they were written back when a paper and pencil were the way to go. So I will have to copy them onto the computer and see if I can tell what the heck I was doing. They are really simple. If I remember the thumb correctly it is put in just the way you were describing on your mittens. Hey yes, I was thinking we needed to start our blog. How do we do that???

I spent some time this afternoon checking out my Beverly Royce double-knitting instructions. I think I could do the mittens with no problem with my personal notes and her instructions.
The instructions are in a paper 3 ring folder and look to be copied typewritten pages. My how things have changed. I wonder if she ever had that information printed more professionally. I guess I will have to google her.
It is dated 1981 but I am pretty sure I got them at Sidna Farley's Colorado Knitting Camp in the early 90's. I remember we did gloves once. I wonder what happened to those gloves????

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