Sunday, December 24, 2006

My 58th Birthday

Hi there Mary,

Well you are right on with your picture of our room. It is a little neater because we have only been here a few days and haven't had a chance to mess it up much. I have been busy working on Christmas dinner and other things. The main "other thing" was my birthday. Mom had a request for that day. She "wondered if I had anything planned" and when I didn't, she explained that now that she had her nice walker she could get about and would I drive her and Dad down to a Bring the Soldiers Home rally at the Uptown Library that afternoon

So I did.

Jim did the actual driving so we wouldn't have to find a place to park the car. Here is a picture that was published on a website covering the rally.
Here is a link to it. When I went to the site I used a link on the right that talked about the rally on December 23rd.

The protest was for an hour. Mom got a lot of attention with that sign. Dad didn't ask for one but I might make him one anyway. Mom already asked for another one for when she sits on her walker to rest.
After we went to the co-op and then we came home and had birthday cake from Wuollet's bakery. YUM. Later that night we went to Dulono's for pizza and bluegrass and the Middle Spunk Creek Boys were playing. They sang Happy Birthday to me as if they were a tone deaf family. It was wonderfully horrible. Great Memories.

YARN RELATED POST COMING......Jim gave me a gift certificate for ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to Needlework Unlimited. I have already spent it. I got myself a ball winder. (Mine is missing) and a book called Victorian Lace Today by Jane Sowerby. I may actually start lace knitting. My sister inspires me with her shawls. I also got a pattern for a large felted bag and an issue of Knitters. No actual yarn, but then I have some.

I think since this is turning into a family as well as knitting blog I will send Jeni an invitation. She might not post but I think she might like to read it.



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Mary Drew said...

Gee, guess I should get you something for your 58th birthday. I'll think about it.....ok, I thought about it. I suppose you don't want to wait until I knit something for you? mdp