Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hitting the Holiday Wall

Dear Nancy,
The knitting has been tossed aside (several times - there are piles of it on the couch, the dining room table, and an end table) as I hit the wall cunningly disguised as "The Holidays." Much as I decry the commercialization of something I don't even believe in, I always end up right here at this time of year - wanting to give presents to everybody that's ever been nice to me at the bank, the credit union, the stores, and restaurants. Then there's the gift exchanges...and nieces and nephews who, after all deserve to have a gift, even though I have no idea what to get them. All of a sudden there's a lot to do that requires time, creativity, and money. The results of this mad scramble end up in the best space to hide disorganized clutter: my so-called "Yarn Room" So the Yarn Room is merely a tangible manifestation of my mind. And I promise I will clean it up but I keep getting distracted by important things such as this:

I need labels for my petrified food collection. I only have one for the petrified peanut butter and jelly sandwich, circa 1942. I need one for my petrified beef stew meat, petrified apple core, and petrified unknown masticated food remnant. Possibly once stuck in the throat of someone who eats too fast and doesn't chew enough. Let this be a lesson to you! Love you, Mary


Nancy Drew said...

Jeez Mary, I have no idea about labels for petrified food. Who are you giving them to anyway?
I try not to hit the wall since I move one week before christmas. My main problem comes when I forget to move the presents too. Luckily the room in Mpls is already decorated for Christmas and I don't bother here anymore. Except for the little wall area that stays up all the time. Maybe I should send you a picture of that?
Later babe.

Anonymous said...

Mary...presents for the bank people and co-workers??? Just give them chocolate. Now if you want to be really nice home made fudge but any chocolate will do. I like Russel Stover nut and crunchy myself.
Forget about healthy. That is for January. Save your sanity. That is what chocolate is for. And don't do individual. One box for the whole group.

Mary Drew said...

You are SO smart...if I wasn't walking around in a stupor, I would have figured this out for myself....mdp

Anonymous said...

Hey, This is what older sister's are for...Oops Blew my cover.