Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jeni's purple quilt

It sure brightens up a cloudy day.  Snow due tomorrow.
Hi again,  This is Jeni's purple quilt.  I finished it today and got some pictures before she packs it away for the trip to Canada.
Abbie testing Jeni's purple quilt with only about a foot of binding left.
 Abbie was a big help with the quilt when she wasn't digging into it to nap...
The whole quilt being held up by Jim and me.  Photo by Jeni.
Here is a detail showing the blocks.  Each block has a diagonal seam and when you place them together they make an alternate diamond shape which makes the simple quilt look more detailed.  Notice the vines and leaves in the quilting.  I loved the way Lois did it.  
A detail of the lower left corner.  
That's all for now.  

Thanksgiving 2011

Dear Mary,   We missed you and Brian and Chris and Deb at Thanksgiving.  The two Mike's came up on Friday and we talked a little and played Hand and Foot.  The Mike's watched.  Then on Saturday they came over to make peanut brittle with cayenne pepper in it!
Thanksgiving 2011
 Here is a mystery person posing with a 'stuffy' and some brittle.
I promised not to post this...heh.
Discussing how to best display the brittle.
The Mikes also brought two pies.  The apple one is gone but we were too full to eat up the pecan that night.   We had to save it until Saturday.  So I got a picture of it.
 I didn't get a picture of Jon's apple and cherry pie until 'someone' had taken a piece.  It was yummy too!  Please don't stop making them for us Jon.
Apple and Cherry pie with decoration.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Farm Potpourri

Hi there Mary and Jeni,
Odds and ends of pictures from the farm this fall
Deer through the screen porch (at the pond)
This deer and her friends are why the rocks were all tumbled into the pond instead of decorating the edge.
Jim sent me a picture of his harvest.
He sent me a picture of the bread he made also but the program he emailed it with made it teensy tiny.  I decided it was too small to show here.  (About an inch high)
A red bellied woodpecker in our crab apple tree, with an American Goldfinch.
Another view
And one more.
Red bellied Woodpeckers are rare in North Dakota, but they are being seen more often.  Below are two photo's of my current quilting project.  It looks longer and narrower in this photo because it was spread out on the floor at Faye's Henhouse.  It is 90" x 106"which is about a medium sized queen.  It is being quilted as I type.  Lois K. at Faye's says she has it pinned on already.  :-D
Jeni's quilt, the colors are not perfect, but close.
Detail of quilt.  This is Quiltville's Strip Twist pattern.