Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 I was worried that we wouldn’t have any trick-or-treaters. So I put out Jeni’s ceramic pumpkin with a candle in it. It is on the porch steps.  I couldn't find any matches but I looked up in the bedside table in the spare bedroom and thank goodness there was a match book in there.
Jeni's pumpkin
I also carved a little pie pumpkin and put it on the table by the door.
Tiny Pie Pumpkin

I had 3 bags of fun size candy bars. Butterfingers, Snickers and Nestle’s Crunch. I have 3 left. YES! That is about 70 bars.
I will leave the lights on for a little longer. Maybe till 8 and then blow out all the candles and keep the rest of the candy. 
While I was getting supper for Dad, Mom was in charge of the door. If she saw someone on the porch she was supposed to ring that bell. My it is loud! But it worked.  

First Halloween with trick or treaters for many years.  The farm hardly ever had any.

One mother was waiting for her kids and walking her standard poodle. A big white one with a lion cut around her face. I said “Nice dog” and she said “It’s really a Lab”. It took me a minute to figure that out. Too funny.

My favorite girl costume was a black handlebar moustache.  My favorite boy costume came as a leaf pile.

Mom made me give her one of the leftover bars.  She took a Butterfinger.


Friday, October 12, 2012

Cleaning out the Camera

Hi Jeni and Mary,
I have been down here in Minneapolis for about 2 weeks now and have finally got around to putting my farm photo's up on the blog.  These are the last pictures before freeze up 2012 which was about normal for this year.  The third week of September.
Grandpa Ott's morning glories on the front lattice.
Englemann's Ivy which is taking over where ever it wants, the Flickers love it.
I love the sunlight through the back of this morning glory.
Mourning Cloak Butterflies were numerous this year.  Usually I only see one or two.
One of Jim's Zinnias
And another
A few more morning cloaks.  The oranges were there for the Orioles, but were co-opted by the Butterflies.
Orange Zinnia
The rest of these are from Minneapolis.
September morning moon
Clouds over the morning moon.
The tree in the back yard.
That's all for now.  Have to go, as it is almost time for Mom's nap.