Saturday, August 1, 2015

Visiting Missoula

Elliot and I received a visitor from North Dakota recently. 

The days were filled with treks to the local sites, interspersed with naps.  When you see how much we did, you will understand the naps.
1. 2 estate/yard sales, in which quilts, jars, and really cool Thriftmas presents were bought (remind me to get Neil to tell you about Thriftmas);
2. Two quilt stores, naturally.  Timeless Quilts and Vicki's Quilts Down Under;
3. The neighborhood thrift shop: The Bargain Corner;
4. Clark Fork Market where we did not buy huckleberries but saw many;
5. Missoula Public Library, and dog knows what else.
We also had the honor to be photographers at Neil & Christy's new house. Here they are with The Doogs at the 120-year-old house they now own on Cooper Street:
There was also time for a barbecue which featured Ruby and marshmallows. The marshmallow languished on the end of the stick while she was mesmerized by the flames and heat from the charcoal.

Ooh.  And note the wind chimes hanging above Nancy.  We enjoyed those as long as she was here.  I wonder if she's got them up at home yet? 
Love you, Nancy, and miss you.  Tell everyone how comfy the guest bedroom is, and maybe they'll come visit too.