Thursday, May 15, 2014

Weekend Update for May 16-18, 2014

This is your weekend update for May 16th-18th (sorry, no pictures YET):

On this weekend in history: Maggie Drew was born on May 17th in 1919.  


Tomorrow at the Library I am wearing the Curious George costume for the 10:30 a.m. storytime.  It is a hot heavy costume and I don't know why I volunteered to do it.  Plus, I'll dress up again on Saturday to visit the Storytime at the farmer's market.  Since I have to walk a few blocks to get there, Christy has volunteered to steer me around.  George is supposed to wander through the market for about 20 minutes before ending up at Storytime.

Visitors to Missoula:

Katie Blankenship and her Mom, Laura, are arriving in town Friday night because Katie is on an elite soccer team that is playing two games in Missoula on Saturday.  They'll stay in my extra bedroom.  it's a bummer that Curious George has to be at the market during Katie's first game, but we'll get to see the second game in the afternoon.

Gardening news:

I now have a garden plot at the Corso Community Gardens. It is plot # lucky 13 - at least that is what I am calling it.  However, it's pretty big (15' x 15') considering that I have no starts and that planting will begin a little late since Garden City Harvest (the nonprofit that sponsors the gardens) doesn't have the soil ready yet at this brand new garden.  So - calling all Missoula relatives & friends: if you want to grow something in particular that you can't at your own house, consider buying a start and I'll plant it in my plot and tend it.  At the end we can share the fruits of your pocketbook and my labor.  And that way if we get an eggplant and lots of eggplants grow, you won't have to eat them all in one weekend because I'll help!  Hey - and if you feel like coming and hanging out in my garden and watering stuff or pulling a weed or two - you're welcome to do so!

Inquiring Minds want to know: what was Jonny's experience in Calgary working on a television show like?  Please tell us some stories!

Signing off,
Your Correspondent from Montana,
Mary Drew Powers