Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Baby quilts

Hi Mary and Jeni,
I have been working on a quilt top that I made almost 16 years ago and never finished.  I went into my unfinished projects and got it out and realized that it was a very large baby quilt and that is why I couldn't finish it.  So I pulled out one seam down the middle and a second seam across the middle and it became 4 really pretty baby quilts!  All I had to do was add the borders.

Working on 3 baby quilts.  The 'boy' quilt is on top.
This one has the 'girl' binding sewn on.  The colors on this are a little yellow.
The top one will get 'girl' binding tonight after I trim off the batting.
Detail of the floral free motion quilting.
Detail showing the 'girl' flange in pale pink.
I quilted them on my 1973 Bernina 831.  My 'new' machine.  I love free motion quilting on it.  I believe I will quilt the 'boy' quilt with loops and stars in a pale blue thread.