Monday, April 19, 2010

First Rummage Sale, Minneapolis

Hi there Mary,
Jeni and I are jealous of your nice dishes.  Are they Fiesta ware?  We went to an Estate Sale and then to a Saver's store on Saturday.  Jeni found items but I didn't.  We chose the Estate Sale because the ad said "Singer Sew. Machs."  However they were all gone when we got there about 11a.m.  So my friend Annie and I went outside and waited for Jeni.  She got this huge basket with a cover, a vintage cookbook, a tiny plate and a knife and a tiny slotted spoon.  Oh yeah, and a yellow tupperware container with lid.  She claims we rushed her.  She may be right.
Since I didn't score at the cheap sale I will also give you a picture of the Great Blue Heron statue that I paid full price for at Sunnyside Gardens.  I think it will go in the area around my pond very nicely.
Sunnyside is remodeling.  They have changed the way they route cars through the lot.  I think it will be a lot safer because the cars will no longer go across the area between the two sheds.  That is now covered so it will be lightly shaded and the cars make a left upon entering and park along the chain link fence dividing the garden center from the parking lot for Needlework Unlimited.  I suspect they had problems with people driving too close to pedestrians and so made this change.  It looks good.
When we drove over there again today we noticed that the former Super Value is also under construction to change it into the Linden Hills Co-op.  Hard Hat area only there and a fence around it.  I am excited to see it finished.
Nancy and Jeni

Sunday, April 18, 2010

First of the year (for me anyway): Rummage Sales

Billings does have good rummage sales, as I was told. I kept my spending in check though and didn't come away with anything out of the ordinary. I did get a stand for my TV ($2) which was previously on a box... and a set (more or less) of dishes to fill my mostly empty cupboards (includes the plates on the rack by the sink). Since many of the cupboards are up high, I don't want to fill them anyway. It's too hard to get stuff out of them. I also got some clay pots - but at a gardening center: I'll show you what I'm going to do with those pots after I do it. And this last is especially to tease Jim, as I'm sure he doesn't have one of these: a minor league ball field. It is one half block from our place.

It's called Dehler Park, but it's known locally as Cobb Field which it was for many years until they tore it down and built the brand new park.

Last year was the first year that the Billings Mustangs played in it - and I heard that they "stunk up the field." Maybe they'll be better this year. Last week from my driveway I clearly heard the sound of an aluminum bat hitting a ball. It was a legion game or Babe Ruth league - which also uses the park as the Mustangs don't start until June 21. I wonder if I'll be able to smell the hot dogs and hear the 7th inning stretch? I'm ready - I packed my scorebook.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


The  Backyard
Today Jon came over and did some cleaning up in the backyard.  When he was done he was quite proud of his work.
Jim had been gone the entire time so once he came home I took him to the landing and showed him the view you see here and asked him my favorite question.  "Do you see anything different in the backyard?"
This is a question I have asked him many times over the years.  Only the last word of the question changes.
Jim looked at the yard carefully for a while and said.  "The green table has been repaired"  I told him "No".  He thought about it for a little more time and said "You moved the birdhouse".  Well, yes it had been moved, but that was not the change.
Do you see it?
Jim and I have been living here in the winters for 21 years now.  Mom laughed and laughed when I told her the story.  Then she asked, "Does Dad know Jon was here?"  I had to tell her yes that he knew about the change.
Here is another picture from the south corner of the garage.  We have seen two bunnies at once in our yard this spring.  I seldom see even one, so this is a big bunny population year.  Probably we will see bunny babies again this year.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Art Deco Billings Montana

Well, as you know, I moved to Billings this weekend - to an "apartment" in a house that was rented sight unseen. While there was reason to trust that it would be a Good Thing To Do, renting without seeing even a picture does have an element of risk.

Nancy W. and I pulled up after 8 pm Saturday night. The first thing we thought was what a nice residential street it was. Since we couldn't read the house numbers, we got out of our respective vehicles (mine was a Budget Rental, and Nancy drove my car over), and went up to see. We found the right house, got the key out of the mailbox and went inside.

Built-ins in the hall closet
detail of living room cubbies

In the Dining Nook

Finally after oohing and ahhing for fifteen minutes or so, I realized the truck was out in the street still running.

Today, Nancy left to drive the Budget truck back to Evergreen. The house is filled with boxes and plenty of stuff to do. I ran errands today and managed to be lost somewhere in Billings for about 45 minutes on various roads, streets, etc (but at least I haven't gone the wrong way in their one-way rabbit warren of streets - yet.) Tomorrow I will walk - to my drug test. Gee, I hope I pass *smirk*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Mini 'TOGA' or LOOKOUT she's got a rotary cutter!!!!

                                             Nancy   Jim B.  Treadle Annie
Hi Jeni and Mary,
I had a lovely Saturday today.  Mom had her bath early (early for me) and then I went over to my friend Annie's house for a day of sewing and playing with old sewing machines.  Our friend Jim came too.  First, of course, we had to go to lunch so we went to The Convention Grill.  Hey, it's close!  What can I say?  I had a California hamburger and a small vanilla malt.
                                               Nancy   Jim B.   Treadle Annie
Then, fortified and happy we went to Annie's and cut out our fabrics.  She carefully guided us through the 'card trick' block.  It should be called card tricky cause it is a sneaky block.  I think she looks rather proud of us in this photo.  Then we sat around and talked until Jim, my Jim that is, called and wanted the van.  He was being taken to the Timberwolves game by our friend Mary who had an extra ticket.  He needed to be the driver.  So they came and got the van and took these pictures for us.
Then we worked on a Model 15 Singer that a friend of mine wanted put in working condition.  It just needed oiling and a little adjustment of the tension and stitch length.  Sure works nice.  As a result of talking about it I was offered a Model 15 for myself at a really good price, so I will be getting one soon I hope.
                                                Rose's Model 15-91
Good times!