Saturday, April 10, 2010


The  Backyard
Today Jon came over and did some cleaning up in the backyard.  When he was done he was quite proud of his work.
Jim had been gone the entire time so once he came home I took him to the landing and showed him the view you see here and asked him my favorite question.  "Do you see anything different in the backyard?"
This is a question I have asked him many times over the years.  Only the last word of the question changes.
Jim looked at the yard carefully for a while and said.  "The green table has been repaired"  I told him "No".  He thought about it for a little more time and said "You moved the birdhouse".  Well, yes it had been moved, but that was not the change.
Do you see it?
Jim and I have been living here in the winters for 21 years now.  Mom laughed and laughed when I told her the story.  Then she asked, "Does Dad know Jon was here?"  I had to tell her yes that he knew about the change.
Here is another picture from the south corner of the garage.  We have seen two bunnies at once in our yard this spring.  I seldom see even one, so this is a big bunny population year.  Probably we will see bunny babies again this year.


Nancy said...

Oh yes, I went to Sunnyside Gardens today. They had all the viola's and pansy's out. Oh it was just so delicious!
I bought a statue of a great blue heron for my pond!

Mary Drew said...

How long did it take Jon to cut down the Buckthorn?

Nancy said...

Hardly any time at all. Maybe over an hour and a half. Most of that was fitting all of it into his van for transport.

I think that is why Jim couldn't see it. He was just gone a couple of hours and didn't think Jon could get it all done and cleaned up in that time.

PS Mom's rhododendron is blooming. Usually it blooms for Mother's Day, so it is about a month early. All the trees are turning green.