Saturday, May 30, 2009

There may be a garden...

...and here are the plants - some of them.  I've got a flower bed cut out next to the front walk.  Can you see marigolds and garlic chives?  Those are from seeds I got from the garden along Mom and Dad's sidewalk.  Soon they will be growing along my sidewalk.

I have one week left of school, unless I should by some miracle finish early.  Then I have 3 days until I start my summer independent study.  Ahh, it won't be so bad.  I'm just going to get it organized and then I'll take the next two weeks (until June 22) off.  So, by next weekend, I should have a picture for you of planted flowers.
Love, Mary

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tulips at last

Hi again Mary,
Yesterday was the first day my tulips opened up. Only three of the 5 varieties are blooming so far.
First is the yellow T. Hocus Pocus
Next is the yellow and green T. Virilemon
And then the bright red parrot T. Bright Parrot. It certainly is bright. It is at the top of the post also.
The Allium I also ordered from Brent and Becky's is up and has buds but doesn't look as if it will bloom soon. The T. Maureen is also up and will be a few days yet before it blooms. It is not showing any color on the buds at all.
So far the chicken wire, the wire fence and the electric fence are keeping the deer, woodchucks, and other critters from lunching on the flower buds. Here's hoping!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mom's 90th in flowers

Hi Mary,
I don't know what was happening with me and my camera at Mom's birthday. I took a lot of pictures of people with Cousin Mike's camera and Chris took photo's with his camera but all I came home with was pictures of flowers. Above is a picture of the tiny birdhouse that my friend Mary G. gave me at our HRBlock office dinner. It is tucked into the ferns and lilies of the valley under the rhododendron bush. It looks great there. Below, Mom's Iris were just starting to bloom so of course I had to take a picture of them.

In the front yard some Lily of the Valley were blooming under the Rhododendron which was past it's prime.
There were a few blooms of this plant which I have never found the name for. Never looked for the name for it either. Do you know what it is? It grows all over their yard wherever no one has replaced it with other flowers. I suspect it was planted by the lady who owned the place before Mom and Dad bought it in 1961.
And then I had to take pictures of the three vases of flowers that Jim and I bought for Mom's birthday. We went to Lunds on Lake Street and had lots of fun choosing from the available flowers. Well, I had fun and Jim went to find the restroom.
Here is a closeup of the four different flowers all mixed together in a bouquet.
And here is my new (to me) Hollywood Cabinet with the Pfaff 23o sewing machine that is one of my presents for Christmas. I got it from Cindy Peters at
The front that looks like a radio is the back of the chair that slides into the cabinet. In the chair, under the seat are two little drawers. They pull out on the right side. The machine head will go in the top of the cabinet once I have done a little more shining up on it. I haven't tried it out yet, I just got it home. Well so it wasn't an all flower post after all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Hotdish

Hi there Mary,
I have been taking pictures but not posting and now I have to put up one of those posts with no focus at all. It is like a hotdish. A whole bunch of unrelated stuff that you like individually and you hope it tastes good when you mix it all together.
Here goes...
Ah yes, my forsythia bush is blooming nicely this year.
And I got back in time to see some of my crocus blooming this year. Crocus were really not a good idea for someone who doesn't return until the third week of April. I usually miss them. Of course the day I chose to photograph them it snowed.
We have a couple of Canada geese who are trying to take over our yard. Several times a day they fly in and make a lot of noise. This day they decided to get an overview of the yard and the slough to the west so they landed on the old barn and yelled at friends in the slough from there.
Yes it was windy that day.

Yesterday there was a full moon on my way back from quilt club.
Oh! My tulips are starting to look like they might bloom one day. Hope springs eternal and all that.