Friday, May 8, 2009

Photo Hotdish

Hi there Mary,
I have been taking pictures but not posting and now I have to put up one of those posts with no focus at all. It is like a hotdish. A whole bunch of unrelated stuff that you like individually and you hope it tastes good when you mix it all together.
Here goes...
Ah yes, my forsythia bush is blooming nicely this year.
And I got back in time to see some of my crocus blooming this year. Crocus were really not a good idea for someone who doesn't return until the third week of April. I usually miss them. Of course the day I chose to photograph them it snowed.
We have a couple of Canada geese who are trying to take over our yard. Several times a day they fly in and make a lot of noise. This day they decided to get an overview of the yard and the slough to the west so they landed on the old barn and yelled at friends in the slough from there.
Yes it was windy that day.

Yesterday there was a full moon on my way back from quilt club.
Oh! My tulips are starting to look like they might bloom one day. Hope springs eternal and all that.


Mary Drew said...

Are these the tulips that you planted last fall? Or Jim planted?

Nancy said...

Yes they are the tulips that Jim dug up the ground for and I planted. It looks like most of them are coming up. Hope hope hope.