Sunday, September 9, 2018

Needles for Vintage Sewing Machines

A friend called me the other day and told me there was a box of old needles at a garage sale in a town nearby.  Off I went.
I should have taken a picture of the mess that box was before I started removing, dusting and attempting to organize it.  But, as usual, I didn't.
Curved needles!  Singer # 29?
Howe Needles.  I don't have any Howe machines.  One package marked
2/110 and one marked 3/110.
Mystery package with no ID, but it has a tiny Allen wrench with it.

Here are all the packages.  Up at the top the boxes marked "Lewis"  are needles that are curved for a "felling" machine.  On the lower left are 3 small packages that I hope I can use.  The furthest left says Singer and then 12.  The one with the thread around it says Wheeler and then there is a piece of tape covering the rest of the box.  :-(  
If anyone can ID some of the needles for me I will be willing to share. You pay the postage and I will mail the needles.

Most of the needles are for industrial machines and I don't have any of those.   I am heading off to the River Rat Toga on Wednesday the 12th so will probably get back to you after that and I can get you better pictures of any you are interested in.