Sunday, March 27, 2016

Migration 2016

Hi Mary and Jeni,  This is my first spring at the farm.  I am so excited to be near a major stop for migrating waterbirds.  Well it is major for me anyway. There are much larger gathering places but this one is just about 1/2 mile from our farm.
The migrating Snow Geese, Canada Geese, Mallards and some Swans on 3/26/2016
This is the view of the slough from my quilt room window. (My window faces the South.)
Just a sliver of water is seen from there.
This is the view from my neighbors yard.  That is not snow out there.  It is mainly
Snow Geese and other water birds!
Just a few of them.
Or maybe more than a few.
And more are arriving.
As far as our eyes could focus we could see skeins of geese flying.  It was amazing.
The neighbors view at Sunset. The geese go off somewhere
during the day and come back occasionally and then
at dusk to stay there overnight.

I LOVE it!  I tried to get pictures of the geese coming in at dusk but the pictures were too dark.