Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old pictures, inspired by Dave Elliot

Hello again, Sisters.

Cousin Dave posted pictures of Grandpa Moses on Facebook, and I thought I'd share the picture I have.  It hung on the wall in the Minneapolis house until I asked Mom if I could have it.  
Grandpa in dugout

It is rather dark.  I'm thinking of getting it cleaned - maybe that would help.  I wonder if it was taken when he lived on the Menominee Indian Reservation?  That would make it around 1910 when he was 22.
The other picture of Grandpa I have is one that I think everyone has seen, but maybe not:

 Was this taken for the 50th wedding anniversary?  I remember that, in the family room at Aunt Jo's.  Grandma wore that silk dress, creamy and purple and blue with pleats.
Here are the pictures that Dave posted (I hope you don't mind that I lifted them, Dave - you are welcome to grab the ones I have here):

Dave says Grandpa would be 14 here.

And this one is 10 years later.
Let's end with pictures that came in a set - Mom says these are by a photographer that lived in the hotel in Alma with the family. He took the photographs in lieu of rent.  Mom has a long frame with all four pictures in it.  I scanned them back in 2006, I think, when I scanned every old picture in the house that I could find.
Mug AKA Mom