Friday, September 10, 2010

The Quilt

Doing the final binding with help from AbbietheKitty

Hi Mary and Jeni,

As you know I have been working on the quilt for  It kept me busy during my recuperation time.  Otherwise I tended to brood about the transplant.  I am almost done with it and thought I had better post about it before I send it off.  
Blocks were made  by Rio, the Evil Pug, Wookie's Mom (aka as Debbie LM), Kirby T. Penworthy, BStover, and me (aka Staff.)
Bloggers sent in their photo's and Debbie LM and I made picture blocks for them.   
This is the top left quadrant. Rio, the Evil Pug, and below him is BlueCat and to her right is Wolfie WW.
Up in the left corner is Rio, the evil Pug.  His friend made this block using fusible appliqué.    According to Rio it was quite a learning experience for her.  Rio is the one who started this whole idea.   It is all his 'fault.'
This is the top right foursome.  Isn't Siber-H (in the right corner) a doll?
Gus is the grey tabby and BooBear is the orange tabby
This is the banner in the center of the top.  Wolfie WW, Rio and Gus and BooBear
In the row below the top three we have Sam the princess on the far right.
Sam needs lots of glitter and shine

Below Sam on the right side is Kirby T. Penworthy.  This is a very good portrait of him although I think I got a little excited about those eyes.
Kirby T. Penworthy
Next to Sam on the right side of the quilt are these two foursome's.  
Wookie and AbbietheKitty
Cosmo and Macy the MinPin
Rio's business card, Alice Johnson,
Buford and Molly, a Black Poodle 
Next we have the bottom Row.  First, in the Left corner we have the Blog Motto.
Our Motto

And just above it on the Left side is Dawson, from Canada.
Dawson, A Tigers fan...grrrrr

Next to Dawson and the Motto are these two foursome's.
FattyKitty, Mollypop
Grace's 12 puppies and all the other Newfoundlands and family.
This is the last block on the lower right.
Rio's BedBug advertisement, Jasper, a green eyed Poodle,
Maggie, AKA Magpie and BStover's embroidered "B".
Here is the finished quilt.  I made it a big file so you can see all the details.
I guess this is a PS.  Here is the label from the back just as (almost) Debbie LM wrote it out.

This is really the end.