Saturday, May 30, 2009

There may be a garden...

...and here are the plants - some of them.  I've got a flower bed cut out next to the front walk.  Can you see marigolds and garlic chives?  Those are from seeds I got from the garden along Mom and Dad's sidewalk.  Soon they will be growing along my sidewalk.

I have one week left of school, unless I should by some miracle finish early.  Then I have 3 days until I start my summer independent study.  Ahh, it won't be so bad.  I'm just going to get it organized and then I'll take the next two weeks (until June 22) off.  So, by next weekend, I should have a picture for you of planted flowers.
Love, Mary

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Nancy said...

OOOO Mary! It is so nice to hear from you. I wonder if you want some regular chives seeds from my garden for next year? They are purple blooming and one of the first things in spring usually.