Friday, April 24, 2009

Home to North Dakota

(a diked home near Harwood, North Dakota)

Hi Mary,
Jim and I traveled home on Wednesday the 22nd. It was an easy trip. We got started early (around 10:00) and were in Clifford at 4 p.m. The only delays were around Moorhead where they were dismantling the dike .

I didn't get a good look at the Red River when we went over the bridge. I could see the water was way high, but the dike ran right down the outside lane of I 94 and although they were starting to remove it, the remainder hid the flooding from view.

This is the dike being removed.
On the north side of Fargo we ran into the flooding from the Sheyenne River and that was very visible since it was right up to the interstate on both sides of the road.

It was even over the road a little bit but that was on the southbound side so we didn't have to drive through it. People were though! I have pictures.
On the other side of the road the wild swans were enjoying the flooding.
Our home was dry and sort of empty looking when we got back. I think that was because for the first time I don't have any goldfish in the pond. It looks like something had been throwing the rocks about and no fish were left.
Yesterday I saw a huge racoon in the old barn so that is who I suspect.
Do you need some surplus fish food?
PS- No hint of tulips yet.

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Mary Drew said...

A HUGE raccoon? I want a picture of that. Not that I am especially fond of raccoons.