Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Mini 'TOGA' or LOOKOUT she's got a rotary cutter!!!!

                                             Nancy   Jim B.  Treadle Annie
Hi Jeni and Mary,
I had a lovely Saturday today.  Mom had her bath early (early for me) and then I went over to my friend Annie's house for a day of sewing and playing with old sewing machines.  Our friend Jim came too.  First, of course, we had to go to lunch so we went to The Convention Grill.  Hey, it's close!  What can I say?  I had a California hamburger and a small vanilla malt.
                                               Nancy   Jim B.   Treadle Annie
Then, fortified and happy we went to Annie's and cut out our fabrics.  She carefully guided us through the 'card trick' block.  It should be called card tricky cause it is a sneaky block.  I think she looks rather proud of us in this photo.  Then we sat around and talked until Jim, my Jim that is, called and wanted the van.  He was being taken to the Timberwolves game by our friend Mary who had an extra ticket.  He needed to be the driver.  So they came and got the van and took these pictures for us.
Then we worked on a Model 15 Singer that a friend of mine wanted put in working condition.  It just needed oiling and a little adjustment of the tension and stitch length.  Sure works nice.  As a result of talking about it I was offered a Model 15 for myself at a really good price, so I will be getting one soon I hope.
                                                Rose's Model 15-91
Good times!

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