Monday, April 5, 2010

Art Deco Billings Montana

Well, as you know, I moved to Billings this weekend - to an "apartment" in a house that was rented sight unseen. While there was reason to trust that it would be a Good Thing To Do, renting without seeing even a picture does have an element of risk.

Nancy W. and I pulled up after 8 pm Saturday night. The first thing we thought was what a nice residential street it was. Since we couldn't read the house numbers, we got out of our respective vehicles (mine was a Budget Rental, and Nancy drove my car over), and went up to see. We found the right house, got the key out of the mailbox and went inside.

Built-ins in the hall closet
detail of living room cubbies

In the Dining Nook

Finally after oohing and ahhing for fifteen minutes or so, I realized the truck was out in the street still running.

Today, Nancy left to drive the Budget truck back to Evergreen. The house is filled with boxes and plenty of stuff to do. I ran errands today and managed to be lost somewhere in Billings for about 45 minutes on various roads, streets, etc (but at least I haven't gone the wrong way in their one-way rabbit warren of streets - yet.) Tomorrow I will walk - to my drug test. Gee, I hope I pass *smirk*


trish said...

Mary, Take heart... if you don't want to live there I do!

: D Let me know where in Billings it is as my Mom lives in Billings and I am there about 4 or 5 times a year... not that I ever really leave the kitchen table at my Mom's house, but just in case... : )

What will you be doing in Billings?


Stef said...

place is so cute, I have cousins in town if you need anything, call!!

Mary Drew said...

Everybody has relatives in Billings - except me. But now my relatives have a relative there.

Nancy said...

Nice photos Mary Jo! Finally a post. I hope you 'pass' your drug test. ;-D