Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Made it Home

OK now,
We got home yesterday and put up the computer today. Dad didn't change his password so we connected to the internet easily. Now while putting up the computer I had to move this plastic tub that was FULL of Needlework Unlimited Receipts. At first it looked like 7 of them! But a closer look revealed that two were from other, non knitting, stores. And then I saw that two were charge duplicates of the store receipt. So you really only had three seperate receipts.
I guess you were really pretty good about your shopping while you were here.
Jim said he forgot his scarf back in Clifford and I said he could choose and buy some yarn and I would knit him another one. It made me feel really happy.
I think I will do a k2p2 repeat. Just a simple scarf and it should lay flat. Yummy.
Well gotta go take Dad to the Co-op.
PS, No snow yet!

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