Sunday, December 10, 2006

That first sweater

How did we get our gauge to match you ask? Well Mary, from the first few inches you knit I was amazed and jealous! You immediately had perfect tension and all your stitches were even. It was disgusting that a first time knitters work was more even than mine.
I bet if you get out that sweater today you will see the difference in the two arms. The one that has loose and tight stitches wiggling around and not looking smooth is mine. The other one is yours. (Maybe the yarn smoothed out with washing)

Of course I did make you do a gauge swatch and if I remember correctly you used the exact needles suggested for the yarn and I (as usual) used a size smaller to get the correct gauge. Even after all these years I still am a loose knitter.

That pattern was in a 1986 Vogue Knitting and was redone in their 10th Anniversary magazine in 1991. I found part of that pattern I had started for myself in one of my yarn boxes recently. Still unfinished. I haven't decided whether to pull it apart or knit on. Probably should start over as my size has changed over the years.

Here is a picture of Christy with the sweater. I always was proud of it.


Nancy said...

This was not posted by Jim. I was just learning how to invite someone into blogger by using Jim and then noticed Mary's post and had to reply RIGHT THEN!

Mary Drew said...

I looked. Both sleeves are the same. I don't even know which one I did. md