Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey Nancy,
So this is where I'm picturing you right now, in the old front bedroom. I took this picture when I visited Mom & Dad last April.
Sorry I've been so out of touch, but I overbooked for the holidays. How insane. I've worked 5 days for the library and one day cooking at the Buffalo for the last two weeks, taking care of a friend's two dogs, and another friend's vehicle while she's away (she stashed it with me when she left on Amtrak for Seattle.) Also tried to get some shopping in with Christy, and make some stockings for my friends. Argh! But there, I'm not going to complain anymore, because I did it to myself. I'm going to make sure I never do it again! I haven't gotten any good knitting in for over two weeks now, and not much time for it in the next week. I'll send a picture of how Christy's mitten/gloves are coming as soon as I do the last kitchener stitch on the first m/g which is done.
Tonight: Fondue at the Blankenships. Tomorrow: brunch at our house. Everybody's gonna help out so that will be all right. Love to you and all the family in Mpls from all of us in Montana. Mary

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