Saturday, December 9, 2006

ribbing and ripping

So I was being good to my hand and just reading my knitting books and I came upon Elizabeth Zimmerman. Now Elizabeth is the one who really got me started, and as I reread her Knitters Almanac I realized that I had forgotten one of the most important things about knitting.
I don't NEED a pattern.
All I have to do is make a swatch and measure what I am knitting or my foot or my hand or someone else or whatever...and knit! Using the EPS or any other system or my own mind for that matter.
I didn't remember that.

All these years of Quilting with Patterns had done something to my mind. It had forgotten that it could make it's own pattern. Sheesh.
I wonder what I will remember next?
Now I have to start the white silk vest over. I wanted to put in cabled ribbing anyway. I don't like the twisted rib at all. Cabeled ribbing will be MUCH better. ;-)


So can you rip out with one hand? I myself like cabled ribbing, but the one I remember doing LOOKED like cables; the one in your pattern didn't. And the bad thing for me about changing the pattern is just what you are doing: changing my mind in the middle.

I think that's why I have trouble finishing projects. But all that is in the past now. I am determined to finish projects. Which is why I am leaving for the knitting store with Brian's sweater. Although that's not what I want to finish for Christmas! Blather. Can't wait until your hand heals and you are knitting stuff, but...take it easy!!!
love ya, Mary


Of course I can rip with one hand. Sheesh. I can probably rip with my teeth. Laughing. However I found a half finished hat and am working on that.

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