Saturday, December 16, 2006

Not packing

Hi Mary,

I am supposed to be thinking about packing for the move to Minneapolis but all I have been doing is going through my yarn stash and trying to decide what to take with me. I have a little pile containing two of the yarn stash boxes and two bags and one mesh box that I can cram a ton of stuff into. And that's all unless you count the box with all the knitting needles, books, magazines and other knitting paraphanalia.

Box 1-Dale Zoom for felting and Noro Renge, cotton in a purple and blue 2ply.
Box 2-Christian de Falbe-Chicago. Partly knitted into something. I will pull it out this winter I think.
Box 3- THE mohair- hand dyed Colinette
Box 4- Pink on a cone started a lace patt. Don't like it anymore. I stopped on row 41. Even after 15 years it is hard to rip. Maybe I will put it on a string and start the new pattern I really like.
Box 5- One almost done sweater front and back. No sleeves. Also Rown DK Tweed in purple, 9 balls, and a Chelsea silk tweed blend in a neutral taupe tweed and some companion colors that match the tweed flecks. Enough for a sweater.
Box 6- Half of a vest with a lot of yarns blended in to make the colors. It is worked in the round with a zipper up the front.
Oh and the two bags of current knitting. One the white silk vest that is up to the second cable row and the other is alpaca in jewel tones for the caps I love to make. They are so fast and easy. They are good movie and tv knitting.
So I have been feeling guilty. No packing, no cleaning. Just playing with my yarn. Oh and taking pictures of it for this blog. This all takes time.
So I thought I would go through my files and clean them out and what did I discover. The files from my Knitter's Days camps. Wow!. I found my double knit gloves pattern from Sidna Farley's Knitting Camp in Colorado. And a wonderful lace pattern that someone sent me that is MUCH nicer than the pink one I started. Maybe I will put that on a string and start the other one. Hmmmm.
BTW, are you interested in my double knit mitten pattern? I played with it one day and can copy it onto a post if you are interested. It sounds difficult but it is dead easy. SOOOooooooo
I suppose I better go put the wet laundry in the dryer and put in another load. That is my work for today. Stay well.

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