Sunday, December 10, 2006

Learning to knit

The year was 1988. The pattern was Vogue. The yarn was NatureSpun. 

Learning to Knit
And the hair was big, wasn't it?
Nancy (left) taught me, Mary (right), how to knit by teaching me knit, purl, increase and cast on and bind off. I knit one sleeve of the sweater while Nancy knit the rest. Then she showed me how to sew the pieces together. I knit the neckline (twice) in the truck on the way home to Montana. My then 4-year-old daughter was the recipient. I still have this sweater stashed in a dresser drawer. I still love it.
One question someone asked - how did you get the gauge to match? How did we get the gauge to match, Nancy? I never thought of this before. Love, Mary

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