Saturday, December 9, 2006

Mary's Socks

mary's socks
The secret was that I was going shopping for yarn. I wouldn't necessarily have told Brian that. But after all, our seventh anniversary is coming up, and that's WOOL or copper. Yes, WOOL, I say. Last year on our anniversary we bought a map case for $1400. So this year, heh heh heh, guess what? I think Brian can get a penny (copper) and put it on top of his map case. But I'm getting WOOL.
Ok the picture. I put it into attachments this time, so you can see my loverly socks. Now I'm going to go knit on them.
Love you, Mary

Just finishing my first pair of socks for, do my toes always look that weird or is it the picture?Anyway, Lana Grosse (or something like that) yarn I bought at Needlework Unlimited (Minneapolis)(hereafter to be known as NU). I cannot wait to wear them when we go shopping AT THE YARN OUTLET!(here I notice that my lips are stretched in a teeth-gritting grimace of manic joy - ok, relax now Mary - ok - ok, breathe - ok. Ok? Yep. Can't wait to finish the socks. mdp

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