Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Mystery of the Missing Ball Winder

I would use the title "Nancy Drew's Mystery of the Missing Ball Winder," but there could be a copyright infringement. And besides, it's no mystery. You know very well that you gave me your old ball winder when you couldn't knit because of carpal tunnel problems. I've used it very happily these last ? years, while you made teddy bears and quilts instead. And I DID offer to return it, even though now it kind of clanks and the rod that keeps the tension likes to fall down occasionally. (That last sentence is a little victory - I spelled occasionally correctly.)
But anyway, I'm happy as can be to keep the little bugger, because I do use it when I don't have the time to wind by hand.
Christy left for a wedding in Billings today - a nice 7 to 8 hour drive in the snow. Of course, I'm trying not to worry. She's 22, intelligent, drives better than me (and willing to tell me so), but I'll worry until I hear from her. I soothed myself by packing her a lunch and givjng her money. This is how she looked as she left. That's her little half-sister Katie playing with the crutches. Katie slept over last night and entertained herself by building a spy headquarters in the closet under the stairs and writing messages with her really cool spy pen. I've gotta get one for myself! You write a message but you can't see it. Unless you have the really cool spy pen with the secret purple flashlight on the end that you shine on the message which then magically appears! I would have killed 007 for that when I was seven years old. Maybe I'll sleep in the Top Secret Spy Cave tonight....Mary Drew

P.S. I printed a picture of Mom and Dad to show everybody at our Christmas Brunch. It was a hit!

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Nancy Drew said...

I want one of those pens too! Where do you get them?