Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dear Mary,
I am wondering if I could have your sock pattern?

Mary says...

Wellll, it's not one sock pattern. I kind of used 2 or 3 sock patterns. One I bought at NU, and then one that the Knit 'N Needle's owner, Aimee, put out. Then I also used Priscilla Gibson-Roberts "Plain and Fancy Socks" book.

I just decided to do the ribbing all the way down the instep on my own. Basically, what I did was this: cast on and do 2x2 rib all the way down to the heel, did a round heel as described in Mary Thomas' knitting book p 218 (forgot, I used that book too), then continued the ribbing on the top of the sock until the toe - which I did according to Aimee's instruction sheet on "5-needle socks."

Finished with kitchener stitch. And that's all.

I didn't change needle sizes, I don't think. I find Priscilla WAY too technical. She needs a technical writer to translate all her engineerese.So...good luck with that. If you want more detailed instructions, I'll fax or scan or something to you.

Good luck,


Nancy replies...

Well you know I went on the web and found some directions. Not a pattern. And I think with you all and my Mary Thomas book too I will be able to concoct something.

I finished a UFO hat tonight. YEA!!!. First finished project in many years. '

The hat is just a basic Penny Straker cap that I started many years ago. It is a wonderful soft thick purple merino wool with some magenta alpaca added in a couple of rows and a mohair blend added elsewhere for color speckles. I haven't put a pompom on it yet. Maybe I won't.


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