Sunday, December 31, 2006

Some new stuff

First of all...are you making Jim a pink and purple scarf? Will that match his coat? Or will this scarf end up being for you, who adore pinks and purples and fuzzy mohairs?

Next - knitting lace with kid mohair does sound exciting. I don't really have very much of that in my stash though - and what I do have is in odd balls. Anyway...

I have a lot to be excited about.

First, I walked to work this morning up this hill:

And I could do it because I was wearing Yak Trax.
These treads that I put on my shoes are going to radically change the amount of walking I can do. I went right up this ice approach to the bridge over the train tracks, and came down easily on my way home. I love my new Yak Trax.

Andddddd, Knit 'N Needle, where I like to hang out and knit had a sale. I bought some yarn to make a baby sweater for somebody and looked at a few things I'd been wanting but I had to go to work. So I got in the car and started it, and sat and thought. Then I decided NO, I should NOT spend all that money I have to go to Seattle, so I pulled out. And going down the block, I thought, but it will never be so cheap and books never go on sale, so I drove around the block. When I got in front of KNN again, I said, NO, I don't need any of those things and I can always get them another time if I really really need them, so I took off again and this time I got to the library where I had to work.
Fortunately for me, my coworker Skeeter is a knitter too. I came into work and started to set myself up. I was 15 minutes early. Of course I was already regretting not taking my last chance to buy. By the time I got off work, the store would be closed and the sale would be over. I mentioned this to Skeeter. HAH! Never expect another knitter to talk you out of buying yarn!
She said, "You have enough time, go get'em." I was at KNN in 2 minutes (well, it is a small town), and I got these

and this

and this:
Ten delicious skeins of Manos del Uruguay "handcrafted kettle dyed pure wool" that I've been adoring for awhile. Rebecca helped me and I was back at work in under 12 minutes.

Y'know, I never buy yarn like this. I wait until I have a project for it. But not this day. And of course, I came home and showed Ol' Bear what I had bought, and he decided to give me my seventh wedding anniversary gift right then. I'd looked it up last year, and the seventh anniversary is WOOL and COPPER. The present was a gift certificate to Knit 'N Needle for the amount of $50.01. Fifty dollars was for the wool, and one penny was for the copper.

Now, what am I going to get him?


Nancy Drew said...

Way to go ol' walking sister of mine. We just got snow yesterday after 2 days of rain.
Hey maybe your monitor shows it differently than mine but JIM CHOOSE THIS YARN. I asked him if he really wanted that color. There were all sorts of masculine dark colors but he choose this one. And it is orange not pink...although the mohair I am stranding with it is peach. But it blends in fine so I guess really it is a peachy orange. He says it will go with his brick colored winter coat.
I didn't laugh at him once. Well, maybe once when he wasn't looking.
Karen was helping us and she did laugh, but stopped when she saw he wasn't joking.

Mary Drew said...

My apologies for thinking you were imposing your color choices on your husband! I should know better :0