Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beating the heat, and Jim's birthday (again)

Do ya know that big red plastic bowl at Mom's and Dad's? Well, right now it's filled with water, and ice cubes, and my feet. When I get tired of cold feet, I take them out and put them on the towel I have placed next to the bowl. Ahhhhh. I am pretty happy with my feet in ice water. And I won at Hand and Foot tonight. I mentioned that I might even be learning some strategy, but Dad pooh-poohed that. Nobody ever wins for any other reason than luck. Except when he wins.

Of course, I did have six red threes in the third hand.

At any rate, it is that time of year in which we celebrate Jim*:

He looks celebrated, doesn't he? I think I like his birthday card even more this year, than last year. Putting a picture of it on the webpage would not do it justice, however. I hope he opened it in the Post Office heh heh.
Happy Birthday, Jim!

*picture taken by Jeni in 2006


Nancy Drew said...

Nice picture of JIM!



Mary Drew said...

Well...what about the card? Did he like it?

Jim said...

Hi Mary
I didn't open the card at the post office but it was a surprise at home. It's the only time Ive gotten a song and an internet picture. Thanks