Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speaking of knitted Stars

So as I was rereading my comment on your star beadspread post I thought of this easy star to knit. This is Emma's washcloth which her Aunt Jenny knitted for her.Emma accidentaly left it here last week. I have to return it tomorrow so I took some pictures today and went down to the Needlework Unlimited to get some chenille yarn.
I was only going to get one. Ahem. However the colors were so bright and pretty I couldn't get just one. Sigh. However I still had my gift certificate from Christmas so I used it. I had to pay about 1.20 more, so I don't feel bad about it.
Now I sure wish I had brought my double pointed needles with me when I came down. There is no way I can start the middle of one of these on a circular needle. Drat.

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Mary Drew said...

Oooo, that's right! I'd better start sorting through my knitting stash to see what I'm bringing back to Mpls! Have we a pattern for Emma's washcloth yet? Let's see: Emily Ocker's cast on, knit in the round - I s'pose you have to increase to keep it from warping OR you start the starfish "arms" at about that point. As we discussed earlier - knitting back and forth and binding off that arm, then on to the next until you've gone all the way around and you're done! Hmmmm. Must do some experimenting....