Saturday, July 12, 2008

Our new iron railings

Wow! Our new 'ornamental iron' railings from Boe Ornamental Iron.

I think they look great, don't you?



Oi, bom dia, tudo bem?
Passei aqu para uma visita em seu blog.
Bem legal ele.
Abra├žos e tudo de bom

Mary Drew said...

Wow, we got a post in Brazilian Portuguese! The only reason I know that is because we had some Brazilian students in town. They hung out at the library and taught us to say, "Tudo Bem?" That's "How are you?" and I believe it's pronounced "too-doo baym" with the accent on the last syllable.
I really don't know what he's saying besides good day, how are you, and I passed by visiting your blog....

Nancy Drew said...

I thought it was cool too. I looked it up on babblefish and got most of it translated. Portuguese was my first choice as it was really close to but not quite spanish.
Maybe you can ask your portuguese friends?
Maybe he likes the railings?
Love, Nancy

Mary Drew said...

I have to say that although the railings looked great, the workers came more than a month after they said they would, and at least twice, didn't bother to return calls. So, mixed review.