Sunday, July 13, 2008

Look! Crocheted stars...

I know I shouldn't be showing you something else to do, but don't you think this is a neat coverlet?

It's oodles of crocheted stars; you can read more about in on Berroco's page.

It's a free pattern. Now, would it get super boring crocheting that many stars? Or could it be the kind of stuff you knit crochet while you're watching TV or waiting for a doctor or something?


Nancy Drew said...

Well, yes, they are stars. And that is something I love. But Mary, those stars look like they are warped or squashed or disfigured in some basic way.
However last night when we went to Lake Harriet to see the Gilbert and Sullivan very light opera company do Pirates of Penzance (and yes it was wonderful) the woman in front of me was knitting.
And I wanted to be knitting something too; something easy but intricate and fun to carry around and show people and I was just sitting there.
I don't think the stars would qualify. Crochet has seemed to me so plebian since I learned to knit.
I wonder if we can find some knitted stars?
Maybe a simple but tasteful lace pattern?
Your envious sister,

Anonymous said...

As a crocheter AND Gilbert/Sullivan fan, I feel slighted that you felt the need to knit something during the best operetta ever. How could you not be entranced? How couldyou not want to sing along?
Also, crochet is no more "plebian" than knitting and a whole lot faster!
I recommend you subscribe to "Crochet Today."

Nancy said...

Dear Anon,
Heh heh heh,
Oh Yesssss, I wanted to sing along. I agree with you it is the very best opera ever. I love to sing along with it when I am alone, but if I had sung along just then about 200 people (those near me) would have jumped up and stopped me right away. The spirit is willing but the throat is weak.
But don't you think handwork makes things better? Speaking of which,
I don't object to crocheting. But there are some designs that I find less than desirable. (Those stars for example) I actually do crochet, I learned it first. But back in the 60's and 70's the crochet patterns were much less sophisticated than knitting patterns. I am fascinated at how beautiful they are in the new millenium. Crochet today is a whole lot more interesting than it was 30 years ago. BYW do you want some 'vintage' (Mon Tricot, Magic Crochet) magazines?

However I do prefer knitting. But that's OK, more crochet thread for you!

Mary Drew said...

Wow! Have I ever heard you sing? I think I have. I didn't think it was any worse than my singing, but then...Brian did close the door to the bathroom last week when I was singing some Moody Bluegrass. I thought it was just because he doesn't like bluegrass. :)

Anonymous said...

It's me again, I do agree that this afgan wasn't the best ever. I like crocheting motif-a-day afghans where you do one square a day and at the end of the month you assemble them, because I hate working really long afghan rows.
I admit knitting is fun. I agree with you that crochet has gotten lots better and there's room for improvement...lots of room. said...

Ladies, I am new to crochet and have been trying to crochet this star for three weeks now, to no avail. It ends up a scrappy mess of tangle. I have no one to show me and think i must be doing it wrong, can't work out which stitch to stitch which sl st sc stitch into. Does anyone know of an idiots guide that shows in pictures how to achieve simple shapes? Also, is the language of patterns different here in England or do the abbreviations mean the same? Any help gratefully received! Eileen

Nancy said...

Dear Eileen,
Neither of us really crochet's. I did about 35 years ago but wouldn't attempt to try to teach you. My best advise is to print out the instructions and take them to a needlework shop with good crocheters and see if they can help you with it.
It looks to be a rather simple pattern, but sometimes they can fool you.
Best of luck!