Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jim's Garden and my fountain

Here are my garden pictures, as promised.
This is from one of the packages labeled Old Fashioned Mix. Jim loves the mixes, but only if they are cheap.

This is from one of my packets of Poppies. I love the poppies.

The first thing I saw on my way into Clifford was these giant single hollyhocks at the Clifford Post Office. Shelia is threatening to pull them out as she doesn't like Hollyhocks. These are taller than I have ever seen.

My new little fountain bubbler. The birds love it and try to get under the little bit of water for a bath.

Local color.

A more distant picture of the fountain in the hope that I could catch some birds attempting to bathe. No such luck. They just wait until I go away.
This is my impressive milkweed corner of the garden. So far we have only seen that one Monarch you saw when you were here. They are really scarce this year.

The garden is coming along nicely. These pictures were taken last week on Friday after I got home, but I have been saving them for now. Jim has been keeping an eye on the garden weeds, except around my onions. I have Walla-wallas and Sweet Spanish growing nicely, and now they are weeded too. No pictures of those though.


Mary Drew said...

Ooooo, I love hollyhocks. See if you can get some of the seeds, please! I've never grown any yet, but I do have seeds I've been saving.

Karen Anne said...

That is a gorgeous hollyhock. I have hollyhock envy.

Nancy Drew said...

Hi Mary,
I got some seeds from the Clifford Post Office Hollyhock today. I will bring some to you when I visit in September. Anybody else wants some they need to send me their address. That way you won't have to suffer 'hollyhock envy'