Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's July!

Hi there Mary,
July means I am on the couch watching the Tour de France. This year I am doing it with my computer on my lap. Something to do during the endless ads. This is the first day of the three weeks. I will have a little problem during the time I am in Minneapolis. I might have to leave the TV for Dad. Or of course I could get up early and watch the 7 a.m. show.
That sounds hard for me. I am thinking about buying a new TV for upstairs that I can attach to the cable and watch it up there.

It will work out one way or another.


Mary Drew said...

There is already a TV up there, but with all that HDTV stuff which I don't quite understand (however there is a free pamphlet about it at the LIBRARY), maybe it won't do.

Nancy Drew said...

Hey would you grab me one of those if you are there before you leave?
I know the TV upstairs won't work unless we get and antenna or a converter. But the cable is already in so I was thinking about it last winter.
Dad said he would pay half but I think I will just buy it myself and say that he paid for it with the money he gave me earlier.
I am also paying for the October wedding trip with that money. Amazing how it stretches!
Heh heh heh.