Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Star Washcloth in Progress

Nancy’s Version of the Star Washcloth

CO 8, begin rounds on 4 d.p. needles
Purl around putting 2 stitches on each of 4 d.p. needles
Turn and K back adding 1 st. in the center of each row, (12 st.)
Make 1 st. at each corner (M1, K3,) around (16 st.)
Add 1 st. at center of each row (K2, M1, K2) (20 st.)
M1, K5 around (24 st.)
M1, K3, around (32 st.)
K4, M1, K4 around. (36 st.)
K3, M1, K3, M1, K3 four times (44 st.)
M1, K11 four times, (48 st.)
M1, K6 around (56 st.)
M1, K7 around end M1, (65 st.)
K 65 putting a marker every 13 sts.
K13 turn, begin star arm
Star Arm
1. S1, P5, P2tog, P5, turn
2. K12, turn
3. S1, P4, P2tog, P5, turn
4. K 11, turn
5. S1, P4, P2tog, P4, turn
6. K10 , turn
7. S1,P3, P2tog, P4, turn
8. K9
9. S1, P1, P2tog, P1, P2tog, P2 turn
10. K7
11. S1, P2tog, P1, P2tog, P1, turn
12. K5,
13. P5
14. Bind Off 5
Attach new yarn and beginning at rnd. 17 repeat through rows 1 – 14, four more times.
Weave in loose threads and wash your face!

These arms are not flat. If you figure out a flat one let me know.
I tried using decrease one only each purl row, it didn’t work.
I tried doing the K13 of round 17 two more times and that made it worse.
I am thinking of starting the decrease in round 17 …
When you decrease one more st. in row 13, (S1, P1, P2tog, P1, and then turn and BO 4), it makes a pointier star. Still not flat though.

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