Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Speaking of Seldom Scene...

as I was driving home from Minneapolis, I planned to stop in at Butte, America, the Center of the Universe, as my librarian friends there like to say.  While driving, I found a public radio station that was broadcasting live from the National Folk Festival that was being held in none other than Butte.


And who was playing?  None other than Seldom Scene.  I pulled into Butte and drove immediately up the hill.  By this time, Shemekia Copeland was playing.  I heard her in my car, and looked out the window, and saw her playing on the stage under the old mine headframe - it was incredible.  Then I looked up my friends, Stef, 

 and Lee, 


and we hung out and had a great time.  I was able to see part of Seldom Scene's evening show, too.

And tonight, in Whitefish, I went to see them again.  This show I was able to be up close and really see the musicians.  Unfortunately, I found out that I had dead batteries in my camera just as we were walking in to the O'Shaunnessy Center, so, no pictures.  But the show was great.  The only thing lacking was that Jim wasn't there to see one of his favorite bands...but I bought him a T-shirt.


Nancy Drew said...

Well that is sure nice of you. I expect he will treasure it always. If it were not for his sister-in-laws that man would never have new clothes!

Nancy Drew said...

Should that be sisters-in-law?

Mary Drew said...

Because it was cold there (Butte is a mile high), I bought him a long-sleeved T-shirt. It wasn't until the next day that I thought about how hot it is in ND/MN. Oh well, he can wear it in winter.