Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A picture of a quilt

I've been meaning to post this picture of Christy in the living room at the farm, and especially the quilt on the wall behind her. I adore the colors on it - it's a one-block wonder quilt, isn't it?


Nancy Drew said...

Gosh that makes me sad to have missed it.
Yes that is a one block wonder.
I have been collecting pink and green fabrics to fit into the living room. I have about 5 different ones. I chose this oriental one to make the quilt and the teal blue just took over. I didn't even register that color while I was looking at the fabric.
I couldn't decide on a border for the longest time and finally figured out that it didn't want a border!
Good thing too as it barely fits without one!

Mary Drew said...

It makes you sad to have missed what?

Nancy Drew said...

To have missed being at the farm with you and Christy.
But I will see you in Mpls so Happy!