Friday, July 11, 2008

Back in the City again

The double doorway to A Wild Rumpus. Emma took the larger one. Quite a crowd waiting for the store to open. We saw the ferret running around on the floor while we waited.

This cat was just inside the door waiting to greet all the customers.
This cat was playing on the chair and the next one was contemplating something in the air above her.
There were two hens, just barely grown up, who had the run of the place. And they did run. It was hard to get a still picture of them.
And an aquarium where the medicine cabinet would be in a normal bathroom.
And of course there were books! On Wednesday the 9th I drove down to the cities to take over from Mary at the parents house. This time I had a passenger. My great neice Emma Wold came with me on the trip. We were taking her to visit her two aunts, Joanna and Jenny. She got to stay overnight with us in the room we call Tree's room. Then on Thursday she got to do four fascinating things.
First (and the most fun) we got to go to A Wild Rumpus Bookstore in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis. What a GREAT store it is too.
I bought Emma her copy of The Secret Garden with illustrations by Graham Rust. Here is a link to murals he painted. I like those even better than the Tasha Tudor ones in my book. I wonder if I can justify two copies of the book?

Second, Emma got to exercise with Great Grandma Maggie, Mary and Nancy. She is a fiend for exercise!

Third, Emma got to come with us to Mom's wonderful Wound Clinic. We went just as it started to rain but by the time we got there it was POURING! Emma got to wait in the waiting room with her books for a loooong time till that was over.

Fourth, she had her first lesson in Hand and Foot. She took to it right away. We will have to watch out for her later on when we get together again to play cards.

Then Jenny came and picked her up and now our house is quiet and Emmaless. The exercises are really not as much fun without her.

Thanks for the visit Emma. I hope Ryan had fun 'reading' you. Enjoy the pictures.



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BearsEssentials2 said...

Nancy: Emma is such a cutey! I know she enjoyed the cool bookstore with doors within doors for the wee ones. What a great idea. So many critters running around and making themselves quite at home. It made me smile.