Saturday, June 28, 2008

My 201 Singer

This is what I have been doing today.

When I took the picture of this cabinet I was trying to make it look as good as possible. So I opened the lid and let the nice interior wood show. The top of the lid was badly discolored and some of the stain was gone. It had no shine and some rather clumpy color. Today I worked with it and now the top looks like this.The inside looks way better too. I am waiting for some Howards Orange Feed and Wax to put a finish back on it so it will be protected. The local hardware doesn't carry it and the sewing machine site that told me how to do the restoring suggested it.

I am not about to change to something else since their other suggestion worked so well.

I used up what was left of my Murphy's Oil soap too so I will have to replace that at the Mayville Hardware Hank.

Now all I have to do is learn how to fix the machine!. I know I need some parts too. Maybe I will learn how to look more closely next time I see a six dollar machine. (Maybe not)




Mary Drew said...

So how many machines do you have? E and I want to know.

abigail said...

I am pretty sure I have 8. Two new ones, the Bernina's. (That is if you consider my 1972 Bernina 'new'.) One old Singer in the student cabinet that I just restored. Edith Jones' old Wilcox and Gibbs in the cabinet at the top of the steps. And the little White in the cabinet next to the spare bed you and Christy slept in. That is the one I bought at an estate sale Jeni made me go to. It is in Wonderful condition!

Then I have a Singer #128 in a bentwood case on the floor of my quilting room and two at Faye's Henhouse that she uses for display.

I am interested in finding a singer 301 and maybe a handcrank one too.

your obsessed sister,