Sunday, June 1, 2008

The last day of May 2008

Well Saturday the 31st was quite a full day. We (Jon, E, Jeni, me and Dad) played hand and foot. Mom went for a walk and we had a hell of a hail storm. I have pictures....I mean movies. If Abbie can do it then I can do it.

Today is a quiet afternoon. Jeni has been taken to the airport, the 'rents are all tuckered out from their exercises and walks today on the first day of June, so I have time to play with this program and put up all the video. So, back to yesterday.

First Mom went for a walk. The day was sunny and bright, not too warm. Just a perfect day for a walk. I was outside helping Jon plant potatoes when she came out the back door and I didn't think about my camera for a few minutes. She went haring off down the driveway when I thought "I should take a picture of this!" and went inside for the camera. I didn't catch up with her until she was on the front walk.

If I ever figure out how to edit these they won't have so many minutes of Mom's butt off in the distance. I tried to fill in with Iris. :-)

After the walk we waited around for a while, you know what it is like. We ordered some Chinese for lunch and then Jeni went over to talk to Cal Oss and I went over to get her so we could start our Hand and Foot game. While we were there the sirens went off. It was still wonderful and sunny, but we came home and turned on WCCO and they were talking about bad weather way up north (near Hugo MN again) so we kept it on in the background and started our game. After about 20 minutes we started to hear thunder and the beautiful sunshine went away. WCCO kept inteviewing people with storm stories and they mentioned hail and high winds. Then we noticed the trees were all blowing about like crazy and we adjourned for a few minutes to close windows.

I was upstairs doing that when the rain started to come down lightly. I decided to shut off the new laptop and unplug all electronics which included my camera which was recharging after the walk with Mom.

Downstairs we started to play again when the hail started. It sounded like we were being bombed. I took the camera and pointed it out the back door for a little bit. I tried to open the door for a better view but hail came banging in the slightly open door and banged off of me, so I quit that.

I went back upstairs and everyone else, (well, Jon and Dad) was crowded onto the front porch looking out. The hail wasn't hitting the house as hard on that west side so I tried that view for a while.

About this time Mom took off her headphones and said "What is going on?" We told her it was hailing, and since she had put her hearing aids back in she could tell for herself. We milled around for a while and tried to play some more cards but were quite distracted by the weather.

After about 25 minutes the hail finally stopped. That is when I went out to take the pictures of the driveway and the front yard.

The rest of the story is a month ago Jim talked me into taking the comprehensive insurance off the van.

YOW indeed.




Mary Drew said...

My favorite part is when you close the back door and then swarm around up close to the leaves clinging to the glass. Har! It's like some indie horror flick.

abigail said...

My favorite part is the YOW!