Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is up on the Design Wall

Hi there Mary,
I have been working like crazy on my quilt for Operation Migration to raffle off during this years migration. I went into Faye's on Thursday to do some extra work on it and got all the hexagons finished. Like the previous two it will be a One Block Wonder style quilt. I have two versions. The white triangles are supposed to represent the cranes flying behind an ultralight. The only difference is that in one quilt the ultralight is shown with two triangles and in the other quilt it is shown with six.
I am fairly sure the six sized one is a better proportion to the cranes. I haven't decided which I will use. At this point the triangles are just placed on top of the area where I intend to sew them.
I hope to get the top finished and to the quilter before I come back to Minneapolis.

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Mary Drew said...

E and I were looking at the two examples. We agree that the six triangles are better proportioned. But I think the ultralite should have something more to it than just white triangles. What do you think?