Monday, June 23, 2008

Home at Last

I got home about 6:30 last night. It sure felt good to be here. I was surprised at how green it is. When I left we had hardly any rain for a month, but now Jim says they have been having rain since I left.

Before I left I took some pictures of views I like at 4425.

The east window in the morning. It is a favorite sight for me with the tree Dad planted shading it.
The clivia plant in the front bedroom with TWO blooms. This is the most open one in the sunlight.

and Mary, computing in the 'sitting room'.

And finally, one of the two things I absconded with. The first one was the yellow stretchy exercise band. I got caught on that one. This one has remained undetected.
Someone had started to use one of them for dishwashing. I am going to use it for its intended purpose. The FACE!



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Mary Drew said...

Ahhh, yes, it was intended for the face. And that reminds me, the one being used for dishes is starting to get stinky. I shall wash it, along with Mom's new shirt which she got chocolate on already, somehow. Hmmmmmm...chocolate....