Friday, June 13, 2008

Heading your way.

I'm looking forward to three beautiful days in a car with Christy. I wonder what we'll talk about? I wish we had more time - I've got a friend in Butte I'd like to see.

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But at least we might get a chance to see Clifford; maybe visit the post office. I'm leaving to get to Christy's tomorrow after I get off work. We'll leave Missoula on Sunday morning. See you soon : )


Nancy Drew said...

Drive safe little sister.
Jim has been warned you are on your way. He might clear off the bed in the spare room, and he might not.
If he doesn't, please feel free to do what you need to do and also to change the quilt which has been on there all spring and has quite an accumulation of cat hair.

PJ the Fatty Kitty said...

He took care of everything