Saturday, February 24, 2007

Snowflake hat details

Howdy on Saturday night after a prime rib dinner at the Moose Hall - a fundraiser for a pre-school that somebody gave us tickets for (us being me and a fellow library worker.) Let's see if I can answer your questions about the snowflake hat.

Yes, it has a hem. The pattern calls for you to cast on using a waste yarn - a smooth cotton is what the pattern says - I used hemp at Aimee's suggestion. You then knit on with the main color and do the rows for the inside, do a purl row for a fold, then start knitting the snowflake pattern. When the pattern rows equal the rows before the purl row, you knit two together - the one on your needle knit with a matching bump you can see sticking out of the contrasting cast on. It's easy as pie and you've probably done it before.
The only sticking point on this pattern was the rows that had the lice - three color rows. But the pattern was such that it was easily mastered by keeping the white and dark purple in my left hand, and throwing the blue with my right. The purple and white could be tacked together under the blue, thus keeping the floats a manageable length.

Then I added a kicky tassel that I saw on Aimee's version of the hat, with the strands unplied at the end, as Kendra suggested. Nothing is really created just by one person, is it?

It was fun to make and turned out so well that I wore it today at work while I checked people's
books out for them. I pretended my head was cold. What a show-off! Ok, it's time for
you to show us some knitting!


Nancy Drew said...

Don't put pressure on me like that.
I have nothing finished and nothing close to it. I am working on another hat for Junice. I have put aside Jim's scarf to do it. I have a couple of other things I would love to start but Junice is 91 and she gets to be at the front of the line.
If I suddenly finish her hat you will get a look at it. I started decreasing but I am not sure if I started too soon. With no pattern I might be almost done or I might have to rip half of it off again.
You never know.

Mary Drew said...

You are right, I shouldn't put pressure on you. But, (and I hesitate to suggest this but will anyway) can't you start something you would like to knit? Just a teeny bit of it? Anyway, whatever you do, it's cool to hear about it on the blog. What size is Junice's head? Maybe I can make her a hat too. I can't believe it's the size of a grapefruit. Haaaaa! I love you, Mary

Nancy Drew said...

Junice's head. I measured when Mom and I were there last. It is 25 inches around the widest part and 7 inches deep. And she likes things tight! None of the loose stuff cause she wears them to cover her 'messy' hair.
Oh, and they have to be one color, although I suppose you could do white too but she is a little bit neurotic about stuff matching so if you put a pattern in then she couldn't wear any other patterns.
She likes blue.
Fussy much?

Mary Drew said...

25 inches! Her head is giant! I have a big head and I only make hats to 23 inches around.
I think I'm just as picky as Junice.
So hmmm, that hat you made her looked so beautiful, especially the color.

Nancy Drew said...