Friday, February 23, 2007

I LOVE that hat!

I do, I really do. I would wear it to bed too. Golly gee whillikers but it is beautiful. Is that white edge at the bottom part of an inner lining or just a hem like area? You better keep it away from the kitty. He will love that Alpaca too. He might drool on it.
That swatch is from a sweater that ( I am pretty sure) came from a Vogue knitting in about 1992. Or abouts. It was a black and white two color sweater but I liked it better with three colors so it would look more woven and yes it does/did make me think of Barbara Walker. I was going through a mosaic phase then so that is why this one appealed to me I think.
I tried to get the correct number of balls to make the sweater but it was discontinued yarn even back then. Now I see it would have been like wearing armor it is so heavy and thick. But it is a great swatch eh?
PS We are supposed to get 16 inches of snow this weekend. If we do it will be more snow than the last two years put together. So far nothing has started, but I will keep you posted.
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